Monday, September 21, 2015

Learning from Eameses: short tips by Bradford Shellhammer, Founder & CEO at Bezar

The Details Are Not The Details...

"Charles Eames, arguably the most important designer from the Mid-Century, famously once said “The details are not the details. They make the design.”
He was right.
When building a brand you need a myriad of things to come together to make magic. It’s calculated. Like baking. Like architecture.
You need a mission bigger than you are. At Bezar we’re aware we’re not stopping war nor curing cancer. But we are helping small businesses compete with big box retail giants and we’re defenders of the intellectual property rights of makers, designers, and artists. So, we’re doing good. That’s a detail.
You need a point of view. Retail’s lame, especially ecommerce. It’s stale. It’s calculated. And it’s lowest common denominator, focused on quick shipping and lowest prices. But style, curation, and the artistry of old-fashioned retailing (think of your favorite boutique, do you recall the same love for an online store?) are valuable and worthy of celebrating. And need to be coupled with best in class analytics and technology and operations. That’s a detail.
You need to build something the world needs. The world does not need another soulless online store. That’s the truth. Ecommerce companies desperately need to connect with consumer’s emotions the way social companies have. Instagram is emotionally addictive because it’s inspiring (you get to see the world through other’s eyes). Pinterest is emotionally addictive because it’s empowering (you get to collect your inspirations from around the world). Facebook is emotionally addictive because it’s connective (you get to see the world and likes of people you know). Is Amazon emotionally addictive? Not for me. But no one can get you books, Pampers, pencils, and the like faster and cheaper than Amazon. No one. And that’s awesome. The world does not need another Amazon. Sorry, Jet.
And you need to be obsessed with the details when courting consumers who already are overwhelmed with choices.
At Bezar we’re obsessed with the details. With the products we sell. With our own brand’s identity. With our customer’s experience. With our running a sustainable commerce brand. With our designers’ livelihoods. And with standing out and standing for something in the world.
And we’re just getting started".

Bradford Shellhammer via LinkedIn