Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Some Things You May Not Know About The Time-Life Building, Where Mad Men Is Set.

Since Mad Men entered season 4, Sterling Cooper & Partners (née Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce) has been located in Suite 3750 of the Time & Life Building. The group moved in at the end of 1964, about five years after the building opened in real life. The building serves mostly as a backdrop, but bits of its history pop out here and there—for example, the chairs in the office are the Time-Life Chairs, designed specifically for that building. More on that, along with some other real life facts about the building, below.
The chairs that were originally on every executive floor of the building were designed by Charles Eames, and manufactured by Herman Miller. They have become known as the Time-Life Chairs. In 1959, Eames asked Time-Life chairman Henry Luce "for photographs from the Time-Life archive to be used in a slideshow he was creating for the U.S. pavilion at the Moscow World Exhibition. Luce agreed, as long as Eames promised to return the favor one day. The following year, Eames made good on that promise, and 50 years later, the world is still enjoying the results of that arrangement."
These are the chairs you'll see in the Mad Men conference rooms, for the most part (Don had a different chair in his office). They are still in production, though a fifth leg has been added.