Monday, April 13, 2015

Shaker: a more modern iteration by Charles Eames. A book.

"Beginning in Manchester, England, around 1750 and declining with the American Civil War in 1865, the Shakers had a profound influence on Scandinavian furniture, a popular aesthetic that continues to this day. A Protestant Christian religious society that thrived in the 1800s, the Shakers’ beliefs in leading a pure and simple life coupled with their practice of medicine, technological innovation, art, and design led to a tradition of craftsmanship that continues. The iconic Shaker ladder-back chair was a popular item that was widely copied in the late 1800s; while the influence of a rocking settee circa 1890 can be seen in a more modern iteration by Charles Eames. They cleverly designed wardrobes with interior pegs for hanging clothes; chests of drawers with built-in trunks, or legs high enough that one may store baskets underneath; put beds on rollers so they could easily be pulled away from the wall to give access for those making the beds; and other furniture created with the users in mind. The book celebrates the timelessness of Shaker furniture, and explores the influence on contemporary designers’ reinterpretations of its purity and simplicity."

From the catalogue "Assouline 2015".

Shaker: Function, Purity, Perfection, David Stocks, Jerry Grant, and Sir Terence Conran, Assouline, 144 pages, $50