Monday, March 21, 2016

Eames & Hollywood: a temporary show at Brussels

For his first temporary show, the ADAM, Art & Design Atomium Museum Brussels (from March 10), is presenting an unknown and stunning collection of photographic works by Charles and Ray Eames: their photographic opera, amounting to more than 750,000 images is an exceptional, yet almost unknown, work of art.
"Movie-Set" is the name of a series of 233 pictures that Charles Eames took during years on the film sets and the natural settings chosen by his friend, the director Billy Wilder ("Some Like it Hot", "Seven Years Itch", …) for his own movies. Armed with his trusty camera, Charles was continuously taking photographs of very high pictorial quality. The photos explores the backstage, movie-sets, extras, cameraman, make-up artists, etc. of Hollywood productions. In some photos, you will recognize Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart in Sabrina, or young Kirk Douglas in "Ace in the Hole", Wilder's own favorite movie.
In the work of the Eames, photography is an art in its own right. Above all, for the Eames, life, cinema and design conjoins in photography.

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