Monday, November 23, 2015

The villa of James Bond’s nemesis in Spectre remembers the iconic modernist home of Charles & Ray

This moroccan villa is the home of James Bond’s nemesis in Spectre. The glass, metal and concrete structure appears in the latest Bond film as tensions comes to a head and James Bond arrives at the desert lair of villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld​. 
The house as it appears in the listing – surrounded by lush greenery – is almost unrecognisable from how it looks in the film, thanks to the special effects that transplanted it to a starker, dustier desert location.
In fact, the home is only eight kilometres from the Moroccan city of Marrakesh, not a long, desolate train ride through the Sahara Desert, as the film would suggest.
The contemporary-style villa was built in 2006 and designed by Algerian-trained architect Imaad Rahmouni​.
The two-level house has three bedrooms, three bathrooms and two reception areas. The expansive open-plan living area is flanked by a thin pond and is only three stepping stones away from the lawn.
The large glass windows with black framing – reminiscent of the iconic modernist home of 
Charles & Ray Eames – affords uninterrupted views of the lush garden, which is dotted with palm trees.
The centrepiece is the striking pool which runs perpendicular to the house.
Accompanying the main residence is a separate guest house with three more bedrooms and its own swimming pool.