Friday, October 02, 2015

Nendo Designs Slick New Perfume Packaging For Kenzo

The monolithic bottles evoke totem poles and Charles and Ray Eames stool.

It wouldn't be reaching to say Nendo has the Midas touch—the prolific Japan-based studio has the power to turn everyday items like front doors, bookshelves, carry-on suitcases, and much more into design gold.
Nendo recently unveiled a new unisex perfume bottle created in collaboration with Kenzo, the French fashion label. The packaging and bottle have a Memphis-y, Ettore Sottsass vibe—and you could say that the bottle also nods to a Charles and Ray Eames stool—meant to evoke an international culture of creativity.
"Where previous generations have felt differences of nationality, language, and religion more acutely, the younger generation of today have comparatively fewer cultural divides to cross, enjoying a greater shared sense of identity through the global spread of online media and applications," Nendo writes on its website.
Made from purple glass, the fragrance bottle's silhouette is derived from totem poles. "This flexible and upcoming generation, with their mobile and vibrant lifestyles, are like a new ‘tribe’ in modern life, and this new unisex fragrance has been developed to symbolize their interconnectedness," Nendo continues.
Totem comes in three scents denoted by color changes to the geometric logo: Orange hits floral notes, Yellow is citrus based, and Blue is fruity.