Friday, May 08, 2015

News: America’s Blueprint. Words and pictures for your parents’ Constitution.

/.../ In explaining the process of design to an audience at Harvard, Charles Eames once resorted to parable. In India, he explained, people of the lowest caste would eat off banana leaves. People a bit higher up the social scale would eat off a ceramic dish whose shape was inspired by the banana leaf. Moving even farther up the social scale, these dishes—talis—might be elegantly glazed or made of fine bronze. “I suppose some nut has a gold tali that he’s eaten off of,” Eames speculated, “but I’ve never seen one.” Eventually, though, people lacking in neither means nor knowledge chose to abandon the elaborate talifor the simple, uncomplicated, and functional banana leaf. In many respects, this return to the basic elements of design lies at the heart of this reissue of Bruce and Esther Findlay’s Your Rugged Constitution /.../

May 08, 2015, by Tara Helfman
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